Protecting Stroud Valleys and Vale

Too often, residents and local communities have been vulnerable to opportunistic developers who, in the absence of a Local Plan, have been able to build housing developments on our beautiful, green Valleys and Vale. Local Plans provide with a framework which can help protected communities from unwanted development, so it is welcomed that Stroud District Council have recently had their Local Plan approved and adopted.

I have, also, always encouraged local communities to create their own Neighborhood Development Plans which enable communities to take control of the housing development within their local areas. A number of local communities are at the stage of near adoption with their Neighbourhood plans including Nailsworth and Eastington.

I do not have a formal role within the planning application process, as responsibility for decisions on planning applications lies with planning officers and your District Councillors. However, constituents can always contact me with their concerns over planning matters and I will be happy to help in any way that I can.

You can find out more about planning at: